You ask, we answer! 

We've answered the most common questions we get asked below.  If you can't find the answer you need, please get in touch.  Drop us an email to CBsales@thecleverbaggers.co.uk or call our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1938 530 050.
What's your minimum order?

There really is no minimum order quantity!  For plain or printed products, you can literally have just one, or a million or more!  All our plain products can be purchased direct from our website.  If you need printed bags, you can request a quote direct from the product page (see 'How much will it cost' below).

We're a small but very flexible team here at Team CB.  We use a variety of printing methods depending on the quantity you want and the complexity of your design.  Have a unique project requiring a bespoke bag design or artwork?  No problem!  Our set-up means we can work with you to design a concept bag and get it printed quickly (caveat: there is a minimum order quantity for bespoke projects).  Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements!

What's your lead time?

Our lead times range from 3 working days to a couple of weeks, depending on quantity you require, complexity of design and availability of stock. There will be busy times when we may take longer, but let us know when you need your products and we will always do our best to meet your needs.

Can you print edge-to-edge? 

Yes, on some of our products we can print your design edge-to-edge to completely cover the product.  The products we can do this on are:

Linen cotton napkins, table mats, table runners
Some cotton Tea Towels (check the individual product page)

Which file format should I use to send you my artwork?

We can easily work with artwork in EPS, AI or PDF formats, and are also able to work with TIFF of JPEG files provided the resolution is at least 300dpi. Other file formats may be usable, so please send through what you have and we will do our best. Our Graphic Design team can hep with most design queries, and aim to give you the print you want. Even if you have NO artwork, get in touch, it may be easier than you think!

Can I see what it looks like before you print it?

Once you have confirmed your order - either through the website or by completing the form sent by one of our sales team - we will email you a pdf proof of your design on the product you have chosen, but will not print until you approve it in writing. Email is best! This is also why your quote will give you a lead time based on 'days from digital proof approval'. Please note we do require you to check and approve proofs for re-orders as well.  If you have any questions or want anything clarifying, please ask your sales advisor.

May I see an example of your printing before I place my order?

We regularly post photos of our work to Facebook as well as showcasing our own designs on our website. We use a variety of different printing techniques, and the best method for printing your order will depend on the design itself (intricacy, number of colours, etc.) and the quantity which you want printed. If you need to see a physical sample before placing a large order, please discuss this with your sales advisor once you have received your quote.

What are the differences between your various print methods?

Some basic information about our printing methods is shown below. Please get in touch with any questions and our sales team will be happy to explain the possibilities.

If you are looking to place a small order now, and a larger order later, please get in touch and we can advise the best way to achieve consistency of print across all your orders for each design.

The majority of our bags are screen printed. We normally use this printing method only on orders of 100 units or more, but we may screen print smaller orders for certain products. Your products will be printed with water based colours which are very eco-friendly.

All of our colours are mixed in-house specifically for each order and we can match to Pantone® references, or to a colour swatch if you have a particular brand colour which does not match a specific Pantone® colour. Please send us an example of the exact shade e.g. headed paper with your logo if you are unable to provide a Pantone®. We are unable to match to electronic images as these will differ based upon the device being used to view them.

Printing onto natural, white and cream products, and for printing black or metallic designs onto coloured products allows high quality reproduction of fine detail in up to nine spot colours; we can also easily print halftones or using four colour process. For printing lighter colours onto dark fabrics a base coat of the colour being printed is applied to the product first, then the design is printed onto the bag. There are some limitations on the number of colours per design which we can print using this method, and also on the level of detail we are able to achieve due to the difference between this and the standard print method.

We have been using direct-to-garment digital printing technology for many years. We have been digitally printing your designs onto tea towels and other light-coloured products since the installation of our first machine in 2008 and we have continued to invest in the latest technology so that we can now digitally print onto coloured products as well. All of our digital printers use eco-friendly inks and are able to print in full colour. The level of complexity of design we are able to print is limited more by the characteristics of product than by the printing method. The print area available for digital printing also depends on the product; some styles of tea towel even allow us to print designs which reach right to the edge of the product!


Wax based heat transfer printing is a more labour-intensive process than screen printing and normally only used for smaller orders of up to 100 units. The design is applied to the product using a heat press and the wax base of the transfer paper blends into the natural fibres of the product. Using this print method we can reproduce full colour designs onto natural, white or cream products whilst retaining all the tonal detail and vibrancy of the original artwork.

Two further printing methods we use for printing small quantities of coloured products are flex and print and cut.

Flex printing is normally used only for single colour designs. The required design is cut into a piece of fine, flexible plastic, and the excess sections of media, e.g. the centre of an "O", are removed by hand. The design is then applied to the product using a heat press. The flex media is available in a wide range of colours including glitter and metallic effects.

Print and Cut differs from flex in that the design can have any number of colours. Rather than being simply cut from a sheet of a specific colour, the design is first printed onto a white media - like a printable plastic paper - then cut to shape, the excess removed by hand, and the design applied to the product using a heat press. As all the colour is provided by a specialist inkjet printer, the glitter and metallic effects available with flex printing are not currently possible

How much will it cost?

You can quickly and easily request a quote for printing on any of our products through our website.  We'll email you full information within 1 working day.

Follow these steps to request a quote:
  • Navigate to the product you would like to have printed, then click on the 'Get a Quote for Printing' button
  • Complete the Quote Request form with as much detail as you can provide. Please ensure you check your email address, as we send quotes by e-mail and a typing error here means you may not recieve your quote!
  • Let us know of any project deadlines, other products you are interested in, or other quantities you would also like quoted in the comments box.
  • Upload artwork if you have it ready.
  • Click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form and that's it.
You'll receive a fully-loaded print quote via email as soon as one of our sales advisors picks it up.

Can you give me a rough price?

Our prices vary depending on the product, the quantity, artwork and print type. Rather than give you incorrect information we suggest you select a product that suits your requirements (tea towel, drawstring, bag or apron), and ask for quotes on a few different unit quantities.

Please note, prices on the web shop are for Plain goods only.

How can I maximise the number of units to fit my set budget?

Our best price will always be for printing on a natural bag. If you are asking for a quote on a coloured bag, please ask for a quote on the natural one too. We will send both so you can see the difference in cost. For product quantities over 100 the number of colours in your design will also affect the cost.

Can I wash the products I buy from The Clever Baggers?

Natural Bags & Cushion Covers (Product Codes Ending in NL)
To maintain the natural lustre of the untreated cloth, washing is not recommended. As the fabric has not undergone any bleaching or dying process, the product will shrink. We suggest a gentle sponge clean.

Coloured Cotton, Canvas Bags & Cushion Covers
Hand wash gently, pull to shape, and dry flat.  Iron only on the reverse of the printed cloth with a warm iron.

Tea Towels & White Aprons
Gentle warm wash, gentle spin, pull to shape and dry flat. Iron only on the reverse of the printed cloth with a warm iron.

Coloured Aprons
Very gentle wash, cool rinse, reduced spin, pull to shape and dry flat. Iron only on the reverse of the printed cloth with a warm iron.

Can I compost my cotton bag?

Yes you can!  If you have a fabric bag you want to dispose of, we recommend doing so sustainably.  You can take it to a clothing bank or charity for it to be reused, or if it's ready to be binned, you can of course compost it. 

If you want to put it in your compost heap, just be sure to remove any zips, buckles, eyelets or other non-compostable components that might be on the bag (e.g. anything metal).  The best way to ensure the bag composts quickly is to cut up the fabric into small squares, or better yet, by shredding it into threads.  The smaller the pieces, the better!  Be sure to add the fabric scraps alongside fresher, 'wetter' items such as food waste or garden clippings to help them break down quicker.

Something else you would like to know?

Give us a call on +44 (0)1938 530 050 (Mon - Fri, 8am to 5:30pm) or email CBsales@thecleverbaggers.co.uk and our friendly Sales Team will help.