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How to Organise your Home using our Bags

It's that dreaded time of the year, when you have all this left over Christmas items and presents and not enough storage! Fear not we have some useful hints and tips to help you tidy up this January.

Meet the Clever Team - Studio

Let''s learn more about one of our Studio Art Worker and Embellishment Printers. Find out what role they play in the Clever Baggers Team and what they get up to in their spare time.

Tote Bags vs Plastic Bags

It’s been over 10 years since the “Plastic Bag Charge” was introduced in Wales, and 6 since introduced in England. But how have our habits changed, and have they changed for the better?

Screen Printing

Thinking about having your design printed onto our products? Wanting to know more about our printing methods? Take a read of our latest blog post where we tell you all about our most popular method in house; Screen Printing!

Five Things I Have Worn my Face Mask For (Which Aren’t Related to Covid)

With the relaxation of Face Mask wearing in effect across the UK we thought we'd share some ways in which you can still make use of wearing your face mask that have nothing to do with viruses.

New Branded Paper Mailers

We know you love our kraft paper mailers, and we do too! Find out what’s new with them and have your say!

Meet the Clever Baggers Quality Systems Manager

Find out all about our Quality Systems Manager, what their life has been like working here and what they get up to in their spare time.

Kraft Paper Mailers

We have been using kraft paper mailers for years, but do you know how we decided they were the right fit for our product? Come find out and see how we *professionally* tested these mailers!

MakerChange 2021 Instagram Campaign!

We are taking part in the MakerChange2021 Campaign, find out what it is all about and come join in throughout July!

Meet the Clever Baggers Clever Team

Come meet the latest addition to the Clever Baggers Family and the person behind the hashtags, posts and pictures. They run all platforms of social media (even this blog!) and you may have seen them appear in some TikTok videos…

Update January 2021: Covid-19

During these concerning times, we have decided to reduce our staff numbers. This is to ensure that staff who are still working can do so safely and observe the rules and guidelines in place.

Business Update: COVID-19

A Business Update From the Managing Director: This is a very difficult time for everyone, and we want to thank all our customers who have continued to support us during this turbulent period. However, the government’s announcement last night has forced us to make some very quick and very tough decisions for our business.