Pack of 10 Printed Factory Seconds Cushion Covers Cotton or Canvas

Lucky dip pack of 10 Printed Factory Seconds canvas or cotton cushion covers
Print may be of any style or size, or may be a partial print (further details below)
Cushion pads available as a separate product
£4.91 inc. VAT
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A good value lucky dip pack of 10 Printed Factory Seconds canvas or cotton cushion covers

Our packs of printed seconds cushion covers are mostly of mixed designs and sizes, but may sometimes contain items all with the same design or of the same size. Prints may include company logos, names from personalised designs, or all over printed designs. Prints may be on any part of the cushion cover, and may be partial prints.

A by-product of our printing process, our print seconds have either been judged to be a substandard print by our QC team, or have been produced as a test print when setting up a customer's design on one of our machines.

Still capable of covering a cushion, these print seconds cushion covers are useful in situations where furnishings might be easily soiled: on a camping trip, in a treehouse, or even as props in an art room, perhaps?

We're sure you'll find all kinds of uses for these items, and like all textile products, they can be upcycled into a multitude of new uses - just add a dash of your own creativity!

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