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Plastic Bags and the Oil Industry

We recently came across an article on Energy Voice which got us thinking (as always) about the humble shopping bag and the part it plays in the world economy.

The article is about predicted changes in the petrochemical industry, and highlights the point that current forecasts expect sales of crude oil to be increasingly driven by demand from the plastic packaging industry as the automotive industry moves towards increased production and use of electric vehicles.

You may well wonder what this has to do with bags. As always it highlights the environmental burden of using single-use plastic bags…

But fear not! As we all know - and the article acknowledges - momentum has been gathering for some time to cease or at least reduce our reliance upon single-use plastic packaging. Countries around the globe, at all levels of economic development, have introduced measures to curb or outright ban such products. Some commentators predict that the movement against single-use plastic bags and packaging will lead to slower growth in this market for the petrochemical industry than currently forecast.

So the reduction in our reliance on single-use plastic bags is not only great for the environment in reducing pollution from litter, but also in reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. Great news!

The original article on Energy Voice can be found here.