Pack of 10 Printed Factory Seconds Jute or Hemp Cotton Bags

Great value pack of 10 Printed Reject jute, jute/cotton, hemp/cotton or canvas & jute Bags Usually a mix of colours and sizes, some packs may contain the same size and colour of bag.
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Great value lucky dip pack of 10 printed factory seconds bags from our range in either jute, jute/cotton, hemp/cotton or canvas & jute. Bags may be of any size or colour. Some packs may contain all the same product.

Smallest possible size: 18x20cm Drawstring Bag / 20x20x10cm Gift Bag.
Largest possible size: 47x32cm Large Shopper / 60x76cm Drawstring Sack.

Our packs of printed seconds bags are mostly of mixed designs and styles, but may sometimes contain items all with the same design or of the same style. Prints may include company logos, names from personalised designs, or promotional messages. Prints may be on any part of the bag, and may be partial prints.

A by-product of our printing process, our print seconds have either been judged to be a substandard print by our QC team, or have been produced as a test print when setting up a customer's design on one of our machines.

Still strong and capable of carrying goods, these print seconds bags are a great bargain, and come in very useful on trips to the supermarket or organising around the home.

Note - Our jute and jute/cotton bags are laminated on the inside giving a firmer shape than cotton or canvas. Our canvas & jute bags are laminated on the inside of the jute fabric, but not on the canvas panels forming the front and back of the bag.
All natural fibres have an individual fragrance, just as the plants they derive from have different scents. This fragrance is normally removed as a side-effect of the bleaching and dyeing process for coloured cloth. As our natural cloth does not undergo these dyeing processes the fragrance can still be noticeable, particularly on products made from natural jute cloth.

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