Lino Cut Stamp Making Kit


All-in-one kit for creating stamps suitable for textile printing.

Contains everything you need to create stamps from the included soft-cut lino discs.

Lino cutting tools are sharp and can cause injury if not used with due care and attention.

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An economical and fun method of printing textile and other products, this kit contains all you need to start making your own stamps!

Attach the lino cutting blades to the red handle to carve your design from the enclosed discs of soft-cut lino, then remove the blade, reattach the handle to the black base, peel the backing from the self-adhesive disc and attach it firmly to the black base to create your stamping tool. All blades can be stored inside the tool, making this a very neat self-contained kit.

Kit contains 2 soft-cut lino discs. Extra discs are available in packs of 10.

Please note: lino cutting blades are very sharp and can cause injury if used without sufficient care and attention. Never cut towards any part of your body (always keep fingers behind the direction of the blade) and ensure young or inexperienced people are supervised at all times.

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