Emerald Green Screen Printing Ink suitable for Textiles or Paper. 150ml


Emerald Green screen printing ink suitable for textiles or paper. 150ml resealable pot.

Colours can be intermixed. Allow print to dry, then use heat to fix.

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Suitable for screen printing onto textiles or paper, these water based inks are fully intermixable to make a wide range of colours to suit your needs and requirements.

When printing onto textiles the ink will be absorbed into the fibres so the product retains its tactile properties. Printing onto strong or dark colours may require more than one ‘hit’ and/or a white base coat depending on the properties of the product you are printing onto.

Allow prints to dry then heat fix at 165°C for 2-3 minutes.

Inks are non-toxic, and solvent, VOC, oil, wheat and gluten free.
An information sheet including hints & tips can be downloaded from the 'Documents' tab above.

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