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Business Update: COVID-19

A Business Update From the Managing Director: This is a very difficult time for everyone, and we want to thank all our customers who have continued to support us during this turbulent period. However, the government’s announcement last night has forced us to make some very quick and very tough decisions for our business.

Changes to Quoting and Order Processes

Our new website has brought a few changes to how you request quotes and place orders for custom printed goods. We've also updated our T&Cs.

COVID-19 Announcement

A Message from Team CB about COVID-19 With the concern over COVID-19 (Coronavirus) escalating by the day, we’d like to take this opportunity to update you on what we’re doing to keep everyone safe.

Everything Glittered is not Recyclable: Is this the End of Christmas Sparkle?

Since it’s already mid-November, it means the holiday season is officially here. You’ll know it is from how our supermarkets are filled-to-the-brim with ‘Everything Christmas’, and our televisions are now flooded with Christmas-themed ads. #LeafyBlinders wins Christmas btw. But while it might be too early for some to be thinking about it, there’s one subject hitting the news lately which is close to our hearts.

Reducing waste the Clever Baggers way!

We found a Clever way to encourage our team to reduce reliance on single-use plastics, and any business could adopt a similar solution!

Startling New Research on Plastic in the Oceans

It's 'old news' to us that plastics pollution is a big problem in the world's oceans, but even we were surprised, shocked, and saddened yesterday to hear the news from Newcastle University's latest research. It seems there is nowhere in the world safe from plastic pollution - even tiny creatures living at the bottom of the Mariana Trench have ingested microplastics. It can be easy to feel despair at news like this, so we've put together a short list of things we can all do to help turn the situation around and work towards a better future for our planet: - keep up the pressure on governments to ban single-use plastics and microplastics - this can be as individuals or thorugh supporting organisations who campaig...

Great News for the Worlds Oceans

Great news for the world’s oceans, bad news for single-use plastics! At the Our Ocean conference, hosted by the EU last week, broadcaster Sky announced their commitment to remove single use plastics from all of their operations, products, and their entire supply chain by 2020. Following on from previous environmentally friendly achievements, Sky have been rolling out changes throughout 2017 to help them reach their new goal, such as distributing reuseable drinks bottles to employees, changing the cutlery used in their catering outlets, and dedicating a Sky channel to their Ocean Rescue campaign. Sky have stated that they hope to "raise awareness on a critical environmental issue and influence others to act." We say &q...

Plastic Bags and the Oil Industry

We recently came across an article on Energy Voice which got us thinking (as always) about the humble shopping bag and the part it plays in the world economy. The article is about predicted changes in the petrochemical industry, and highlights the point that current forecasts expect sales of crude oil to be increasingly driven by demand from the plastic packaging industry as the automotive industry moves towards increased production and use of electric vehicles. You may well wonder what this has to do with bags. As always it highlights the environmental burden of using single-use plastic bags… But fear not! As we all know - and the article acknowledges - momentum has been gathering for some time to cease or at least reduce o...

Pastel Tea Towels

Inspired by summer, we’ve created a ‘limited edition’ range of 100% cotton tea towels in pretty pastels. In soft peach, cool pistachio, and dove grey, these tea towels are made from the same cloth as our popular soft white 45x68cm tea towels, so you can be sure their dish-drying ability has been thoroughly tested! Even the most reluctant helper is sure to smile when you add a splash of colour to your kitchen by hanging these tea towels ready for use - and everyone will have a favourite of the three. We hope we're not starting arguments by offering them to you. Just like our white and cream tea towels, these products can be customised with your own design. We think they'd look stunning when printed with fine l...